Virginia Memorial Quilt Project
The Volunteers of the Virginia Memorial Quilt Project (VMQP) are honored to announce that we have mailed our 217th quilt to the family of a serviceman or servicewoman with ties to the Commonwealth of Virginia in appreciation for their sacrifice and service to our Country and for Freedom around the world.

It is our pleasure and honor to remember each of these brave individuals and insure that their family will receive an heirloom quilt that will signify the remembrance of their loved one for many years to come.

In talking, meeting and emailing the families, we have many good and many sad conversations. Sharing words whether verbal or written has enriched our lives beyond what we ever expected.

Most sincerely,
Debbie Elam, Chairman
Estelle Davis, Vice-Chairman
Jackie Jones, Advisor and Webmaster
Joyce Birch, Advisor

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