Virginia Memorial Quilt Project
Mission Statement

To present a numbered memorial quilt to the immediate family of each Serviceman or Servicewoman with connections to the Commonwealth of Virginia who gave his or her life in the Iraq War.

The Virginia Memorial Quilt Project is a NONPARTISAN, NON-POLITICAL, organization aimed at supporting the families of Virginia's fallen heroes who have paid the ultimate sacrifice with their life.

Contact us if you would like to help, volunteer, donate your time, or donate materials. Email us at

Most sincerely,
Debbie Elam, Chairman
Estelle Davis, Vice-Chairman
Jackie Jones, Advisor and Webmaster
Joyce Birch, Advisor

The Volunteers of the Virginia Memorial Quilt Project (VMQP) are honored to announce that we have mailed our 217th quilt to the family of a serviceman or servicewoman with ties to the Commonwealth of Virginia in appreciation for their sacrifice and service to our Country and for Freedom around the world. It is our pleasure and honor to remember each of these brave individuals and insure that their family will receive an heirloom quilt that will signify the remembrance of their loved one for many years to come. In talking, meeting and emailing the families, we have many good and many sad conversations. Sharing words whether verbal or written has enriched our lives beyond what we ever expected. We are managed by dedicated quilters who are patriotic volunteers who want to ensure that Virginia military family members in all branches of service who have lost a member of their immediate family in the Iraq War are presented a numbered memorial quilt.

How this Project got started and one of our volunteers...

The weekend of July 21-23, 2006 about a dozen FCQ members met at the home of Debbie Elam and planned a strategy. We came up with 5 totally finished quilts and made 5 tops and have about 6 more in various stages. Debbie had Camp Valor signs to welcome us when we arrived, dog tags with our names on them and our paper plates was camouflage. We had a military schedule to follow with taps, revile and mess call to meals. Needless to say we were laughing a lot, being goof, but having a good time. Estelle Davis (Debbie Elam's mom) was the General barking out orders and keeping us all at the machines and cutting tables.

The approximate size of each quilt should be 72x90. Quilts are needed for mothers, wives and fathers, so all styles, colors and patterns are needed. Lets make this happen!

How long will this Project take?

This is not a project that will be completed in a few will take months to do. Sad to say the current number will increase. It would be really nice to have a reception for any family members that can attend for a presentation later on. We are securing a military advisor to help us obtain the names, addresses and other info we will need to do this. If you know of any military leaders, retirees, civic or church groups that may want to help us get this put together have them contact Debbie Elam.

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